Lessons Learned Starting & Running Restaurants July 27, 2022, 9:00am PDT July 27, 2022, 12:00pm PDT


thinking about serving food and drink to the public, whether it's a

full-service restaurant, a food truck or home kitchen food business, needs to

understand the basics of operating a successful establishment. This is a 3

hour introductory course covering the basics of starting a food business


will learn and discuss:

Choosing Your Concept 

·        Researching Your Target Market Demographics 

·        Planning Your Restaurant and Design Layout 

·        Planning for Equipment and Supplies 

·        Staffing Needs 

·        Budget 

·        Location, Location, Location 

·        Incorporation 

·        Business Licenses and Permits 

·        Planning the Menu 

·        Choosing Your Technology Tools 

·        Marketing and Advertising

Registration fee $35.00

About the Presenter(s)

Danny Palacios

Hi. I mentor new and existing entrepreneurs to conceive, develop and expand their restaurant business. I have over twelve years experience owning and operating restaurants. As a consultant, I have advised scores of clients to start and grow their food service businesses. Areas of expertise include: concept development; menu development; site selection; restaurant design and construction;...

Leland Dear

My 33+ years of expertise in the California Bay Area is in the 4 Rs - Retail, Restaurant, Real Estate and now Retirement. I can help you with the following: - Strategies on business plans for startup retail or restaurant businesses. - Business strategies on identifying problems and solutions for sales, marketing, operations, customer service, cost cutting, maximizing profits and succession...

Lessons Learned Starting & Running  Restaurants