General Business

  • Business Startup Basics (All-day introductory course covering the factors critical to successfully starting a new business - 8hrs - $45)
  • Business Accounting  (Financial management, including management of inflows and outflows of money, setting up accounts, and using QuickBooks - 2hrs - online - $15)
  • Finding Customers / Marketing Your Idea (Generating revenue is all about marketing and sales, and that’s the focus of this workshop - 5hrs - online - $15)
  • Finding Money to Grow Your Business (Covers financing guidance and expertise to help put your business plans into motion - 3.5hrs - $40)
  • Planning for Profit (Learn the financial concepts and reports necessary to understand a business' financial health and plan for profitable growth - 3hrs -online - $15)
  • How to Write a Compelling Business Plan (Learn the key requirements to writing a compelling business plan - 5.5hrs - onlne - $15)

Business Specific

  • QuickBooks Basics  (This workshop provides an introductory overview for small businesses that are looking for an accounting package that will allow them to run their business. - 3hrs - $40)
  • Legal Issues for the Small Business  (This workshop addresses many of the legal issues of critical importance to the formation and success of new and existing small businesses - 3hrs - $15)
  • Effective Consulting: How to start (or improve) your consulting business  (For professionals interested in starting a consulting business or wanting to expand or improve an existing practice - 7hrs - $70)
  • Export - Import  (International trade offers excellent opportunities for both start-ups and existing businesses - 2.5hrs – $15)
  • Franchise Roundtable (Learn about franchising as a career path in a small-group, conference room setting - 3hrs - $15)
  • Franchise Workshop. (Attend this interactive session and walk away with a better understanding of how franchising works and if it’s the right option for you. - 3hrs - online - $15)
  • Restaurant Current Best Practices  (For anyone thinking about serving food and drink to the public at this time, the basics of operating a successful establishment - 3hrs - $15)
  • Retail Basics for Online and Brick & Mortar Retailers  (Interactive program tailored to answer your questions pertaining to online, brick & mortar, and retail-oriented selling - 2hrs. - $40)

Special Workshops/Seminars